Longest short week ever!

Just checked to make sure that my toddler was indeed sleeping, and that my reading for my classes is done.

It’s almost midnight and I still have a list of 12 things I need to do before I go to sleep. It’s mostly programming tasks I need to do before our 9AM meeting tomorrow. This week I’ve been having 11 - 12 hour days at work, so the fact that I have to bring this stuff home does not appeal to me.

BUT, ish needs to get done. Ish needs to get done because I need to come balls-a-busting at this meeting I have tomorrow morning.

So it’s almost midnight, I just finished my homework for my two classes, and now I can begin my programming duties. Oh joy. But it’s going to be worth it. You know why? Because I have a shopping spree waiting for me at the end of week, as well as 3 days off. Threeeee days!! My husband and I haven’t even had the same day off in the last three months, much less three days off together. So I’m looking forward to that.

The only thing that keeping me away from my 3 day vacation (yee-haw!) are these 12 things I have go get done by 9AM, and the other 3 huge programming tasks I left waiting for me at my work desk for tomorrow.

Excuse me while I wield my super powers. Wonder why I call myself super lady? It’s because I get ish done.

Lessons of a Nursing Assistant: 1

Most medical institutions will have Nursing Assistants act as “sitters” for patients. It usually occurs when a patient needs 1:1 attention. A sitters job is to keep an eye on a particular patient and to prevent them from harming themselves or others. You may have a patient that just needs to be kept from wandering out of their room, or  you have a patient that may want to injure themselves. Again, there’s a whole smorgasbord of reasons someone might need a sitter or “observer”.

 Some medical institutions have you log your observations at frequent intervals, will others just ask that you let the nurse know of any behavioral changes in your patient.

Some institutions allow you to read, watch TV, and use your laptop while you sit with your patient. Others ask that you do nothing but watch the patient. Some institutions will ask that you do all the CNA duties required for your patient.

Sitting is a favorite task for some Nursing Assistants, and causes others to groan with despair. This isn’t mentioned in most job applications for CNA jobs, and it is definitely not discussed in CNA courses. But for the most part, the sitting jobs aren’t very stressful.


Anonymous asked:

Thank you for the fantastic site and great resources. I'm a third year PA student graduating in December and have a few questions about the job hunt. When did you start looking for jobs? Did you focus your search locally or expand it to other states? Were there one or two things that you learned during that time that you wish you had known earlier?




These are some really EXCELLENT questions! My PA program tried pretty decently to guide us and ready us for graduation and the job hunt real world medical board stuff and I still was like a lost puppy after stumbling out of the testing site for the PANCE…

In my situation, I wanted to work in a hospital doing internal medicine or critical care. Didn’t matter too much where, and I couldn’t be too picky as a new grad. But my hubs wanted to be a little closer to his family so I limited my search to a 6 hour driving radius from there. This crossed multiple states unfortunately, which brings me to my first lesson. Get your medical license crap taken care of in all of the states where you are seriously looking before you even have the job offer. In my case it was 2-3 states. This was expensive, but what’s even more expensive is trying to stretch out your student loan money when it was supposed to have run out 3 months ago all the while knowing you have a signed job contract but CAN’T START until some committee reviews your paperwork in a month and then meets again a month later to decide you aren’t a total wreck and can have your medical license. And if you miss a deadline (or your PA program adviser’s letter of recommendation gets lost in a snow storm like me) you may have to wait another 2-3 months beyond that for the next lame meeting.

I searched high and low over the internets for jobs. They say personal connections are the best way to a job. Well, I didn’t have much for local connections since I’d moved away from my PA program. I put my stuff out there for recruiters and made a profile on LinkedIn. This is for good and for bad. The private recruiting companies will HUNT YOU GOOD. Even after you have a job somewhere else. I am STILL getting emails and calls asking if I’m interested in another job they have. For me it was worth it. One got me a really great offer. If you value your privacy, don’t go that route.

Oh, and speaking of privacy, it doesn’t hurt to anonymize your FB and Pinterest and politically charged Twitter pages. Better not have that friend of a friend share something unsavory to the person who was supposed to be hiring you for your dream job. As my luck would have it, my maiden name was very unusual and a surprising google search told me that the one chick in the world who had my same first and last name also happened to slightly resemble me and had public MySpace and FB pages with pics of her in bikinis lamenting about her baby daddy cheating on her… Aw nawww! And I got hired anyways… there’s hope for us all!

These are the sites I used:







You can also search the job sites or listings provided by your PA program, google all hospitals and health systems in your area to find their websites.

I found the app JobAware pretty useful, too. I think it led me to the job I eventually took.

Also keep in mind that even if you get your medical license squared away, if you plan to do inpatient work hospitals have their own anal-retentive credentialing system to make sure for themselves you’re not a total wreck and won’t practice sketchy medicine, and this usually takes a month at the best and could be as long as 2-3 months. And don’t plan on using that time to get your medical license because they typically can’t start the process until they have your license on file. Wahhhh!

Hope these help!

Reblogging for the other PA-s people that are taking the PANCE and getting big kid jobs soon. This is GREAT advice that I will definitely stash for later!

Job hunting as a PA student.

I was actually trying to find this just yesterday. Not using “very” just expands your vocabulary, try it!

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Anonymous asked:

Your thoughts on physician assistants please :)



I love mid-level practitioners. :) 

Medicine is definitely a team effort. Doctors couldn’t do their jobs without everyone else helping so I’m really really really thankful for everyone who does such incredible work. :) 

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" sung by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

What a beautiful voice from this man from Hawaii. I listen to his version every time I need a pick me up. 

“The first sujud means that I was mud clay in the beginning, and as I raise my head from sujud, it means that I came to the world from the soil. The second sujud means that I will again return to the soil, and as I raise my head from sujud, it means that on the Day of Resurrection I will rise up from the grave and be summoned.”

Imam Ali (as), [Bihar al-Anwar, V.82, P.139] (via analyticalmuslim)


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